What Is Natural Perfumery?

Since the beginning of time, people have been finding new and innovative ways to use natural perfume. Especially when it comes to status and culture in the days of old. The art of natural perfumery is a timeless art form still relevant today.

But what is natural perfumery? Why is it better for your health? And how does it impact your mood and emotions? We will discuss all these things today as we dive into the fragrant, euphoric, and enticing topic of natural fragrances.

So, what is natural perfumery? 

In its most literal definition, natural perfumery is the mastered art of blending fragrances and ingredients that are entirely natural. In doing so, you create aesthetically pleasing natural aromas that offer a full range of scents for products ranging from delicate, natural perfume to personal, cosmetics, and household products.

When it is mentioned that a natural perfumer should be composed of natural ingredients, it means that alcohol is concerned as well since it can be a considerable part of the final product: from 80 to 90%! Perfumery alcohol is denatured to make it not drinkable; the denaturation is done by adding an agent that brings an awful bitterness to the alcohol. We usually find Bittrex as the agent. It is essential to acknowledge that denatured alcohol with such chemicals is bad for health.

In the perfume industry, we often talk about the unhealthy aspects of the synthetics use, barely alcohol. It is essential to know that spraying and over such chemical compounds onto the skin, and/or hair makes them toxic to the body. We must think about the nocive “cocktails” of chemicals used on the skin, from shower gel to shampoo and perfume. It is the product itself, but foremost the build-up, that makes it toxic. Toxicity can appear as allergies to more serious results, especially in pregnant women.

Why is it better for your health? 

One of the most significant ways that natural perfume is better for your health is when used in products that come in contact with your skin. Since your skin absorbs 60 percent of what you put onto it, you want to ensure that anything you’re using doesn’t has hidden and toxic chemicals. As a result, you’re preventing your body from being exposed to these harmful chemicals.

If you are prone to having sensitive skin, using natural fragrance products provides a truly sensorial experience. You can wear luxury, high-quality perfumes without compromising your ethics and jeopardizing your health. Even if allergens from natural sources must be mentioned on the packaging, it is rare to face skin or global allergies from linalool and other biological and chemical molecules.

Many natural perfume artists ensure that their products are never tested on animals. So that you can trust they’re not only created organically but helping contribute to the safety of animals and the environment.

Natural perfumes vs. synthetic fragrances

When choosing between fragrances that are made using synthetics or natural essential oils, the choice is clear from the beginning.

Have you ever wondered why you use essential oils to increase your mood and relaxation for specific ailments? This is because these natural, organic fragrances have both emotional and physical healing properties found within them. Natural perfumery is built on the foundation of these essential oils, covering everything from calming and energy-enhancing to mood-lifting and relaxing effects.

Synthetic fragrances combine harmful chemicals, even pesticides or toxins, that can irritate your skin and damage the environment. Perfumes crafted from these synthetics can also leave you with migraines, nausea, and even lung irritation.

When perfume makers mix two different perfumes, it can leave a highly unpleasant smell. Still, organic scents from high-quality essential oils can be worn separately or even layered to create your unique aroma.

Whether you’re just starting with essential oils or have been wearing them for years, understanding the art of natural perfumery provides an excellent way to discover your unique scent.

Using essential oils to craft natural perfumes, you can protect the environment while ensuring your health for years to come.

Is natural perfumery composed of isolates? Usually, this is the quality you can find in the natural perfumery industry, but isolates require extracting such an insane volume of plants to get a low rendering! This is not sustainable at all!

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