Soul Alchemy

Soul alchemy is the ultimate luxury experience that translates the soul imprint into a sur-mesure with the most noble essences and precious gems infusion. Its process is unequalled. The person meets with Françoise Rapp for a 3-hour private conversation in a confidential place in Paris. Then the bespoke perfume is composed in the creative studio where the  alchemical process can start. The infinite power of natural essences and precious gems mirror the person’s innate vibration allowing a profound soul connection.

Each natural fragrance is made up of the most noble essences and extracts: blue lotus, Ethiopian incense, mimosa absolute, Grasse May rose to name a few. Each ingredient has a particular olfactory tone, a vibration that is in tune with your energies. Diamond, blue sapphire, emerald, ruby can be chosen to be part of the alchemical process for the bespoke perfume.  

Customers who have experienced the Soul Alchemy bespoke perfume have noted a profound sense of harmony and serenity from creating their own fragrance. Designing and developing a holistic scent is an expression of one’s self and amplifies your innate qualities, thus allowing you to be in perfect resonance with your heart and soul.

Françoise is also able to guide you on the best energy points to apply your new fragrance in order which allows to capture and release its full powers.

An olfactory enchantment happens, a perfect harmony, an absolute imprint. Your alchemical perfume wears the person soul radiance just as much the person wears it, writing the musical score of their most intimate emotions. Your unique formula is kept in archives and always available to its owner. Unique and intended for one person only.

Each fragrance is as unique as you are and can be
presented as you desire in a number of ways, including…

A unique hand-blown glass bottle designed by a British artist.

A travel spray containing 1/3oz of your bespoke perfume

A 1 oz (30 ml) Miron glass bottle of your bespoke perfume

How it Works?

Choose and purchase the exclusive service that appeals to you

You will be contacted by Françoise Rapp within 48 hours

Fill out the questionnaire form and set up the confidential meeting.

You will receive three samples within five weeks

There will be time allowed for fragrance adjustments

Your finished fragrance is shipped for you to enjoy

Product Add-ons

Refill available (1oz)

Refill olfactory adjustment available upon demand

Unveil your innate Alchemy! Let's converse

Don’t forget the small print

Françoise Rapp bespoke creations are 100 per cent natural and safe to wear. However, please be mindful that it is impossible to predict allergic reactions in individuals to a specific ingredient or ingredient combination, even when they are completely natural. Anyone can develop an allergy to any number of ingredients in food, skincare or perfume, at any time.

Please note that Françoise Rapp does everything she can to educate customers about the proper use of her products, but cannot be held accountable for unexpected reactions. You will receive detailed instructions and information alongside your bespoke fragrance and it is important to read this information carefully so you can enjoy it safely.