Olfactory therapy : breathing natural scents for wellness

Scents and emotional wellness are strongly linked. Do you know why? Breathing essential oils or called olfactory therapy  is a very effective and quick way to act in emotional release and not only. Regarding daily use and therapeutic or personal support, the essential oils inhaled act as informational vectors on the psyche and on well-being and inner fulfillment. Breathing in an essential oil ostensibly improves personal and professional relationships; with oneself and others. On the other hand, if you want results, you need to know some fundamentals. And that’s exactly what I’m going to tell you about in this article!

Breathing is an essential therapy…
Breathing in an essential oil sounds very simple and it sort of is. You can actually breathe an essence straight from the bottle if you are facing urgent or sudden stress. The action will be effective, but not as effective as taking a break of even 5-10 minutes to take the time to breathe properly. Even though we cannot live without breathing, it turns out that most of us live in apnea. We breathe badly, not deeply enough and in this the doctors of Ayurvedic medicine have known this since the dawn of time since it is an integral part of their medical approach. Pranayama or the discipline of breath is the 4th discipline of this medicine. In this part of Ayurvedic medicine, pranayama is also considered a therapy in itself.

What is pranayama?
It is the discipline of the breath practiced through the knowledge and control of prana or universal energy. This breath which punctuates every moment of our life is not only a question of the exchange of oxygen / carbon dioxide. Much more than that, the subtle breath also rhythms the harmonious flow of our vital energy through our subtle anatomy (nadis and chakras). We are born to life with an inspiration, we leave it with the last breath or an exhale.
I’m talking about prana because within this serious & ancestral discipline, there are different exercises corresponding to very specific benefits. These breathing exercises are real health exercises and considered as such in Ayurveda. I learned the principles from my training with Deepak Choprah when I was living in San Diego. Since essential oils are my major therapeutic tool, I couldn’t resist combining the benefits of both disciplines.

In this, breathing a more well-selected essential oil, you get powerful results in emotional release and stress management. In addition, it is an accompaniment to privilege to develop your emotional intelligence and personal development.

Choosing the right natural essence to breathe in
How do you choose the lucky one? This is the most delicate moment and THE big question that always comes up repeatedly during my training or my formulation missions. It is important to proceed in stages while following a clear method. You can start by selecting proper natural perfume family because they have each their specific action upon the psyche. Choose according to pranayama breathing exercices along with a particular essence. For instance, choose citrus natural essences for boosting positive energy; woods essences for being grounded and feeling secured; floral notes for balancing the emotions and enhancing the feminine energies

Why is it important to let go of stress or a blocking emotion?
Know that the unresolved or released emotional charge turns into a “negative charge” and therefore somatization on the body. One of the first important steps is therefore Mindfulness. To be in his interior listening, to be sensitive & receptive to the signs of the body.

It happens in 4 steps:
1 – stressful situation = emotional load
2 – you welcome
3 – you understand this emotion
4 – the emotional charge is released
What happens when phase 3 does not take place? You ruminate or your mind erases it all but your body on the other hand does not erase it. Among the most common signs are waking up every night at a fixed time, heartburn, phantom pain, having your back full! Little misleading signs that alert you that something is wrong. Taking little pink pills won’t help. It is the opposite, more often …

Acquiring the automatisms of good emotional hygiene is the first step towards a better world because to be good with yourself is to be good with others. Personal and professional relationships are only better and improved.

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