Self-Portrait Fragrance

natural perfumery

This exclusive natural fragrance is a self-portrait experience, and it is designed around you and your personality – your loves, passions, your likes and wants. Individuals who want to create their personal scent for a special occasion, such as for their wedding day, an anniversary or even a unique self-indulgence, usually choose this service.

Each fragrance is composed of the most noble natural essences like, French jonquil, bergamot from Sicily, jasmine and May rose from Grasse to name a few… The composition is mastered with art and science by Françoise Rapp and a confidential consultation allows her to fully connect with your heart desires. From this unique moment, art can take place and mastery unveils.

An olfactory enchantment happens, a perfect harmony, an absolute imprint. Your self-portrait perfume wears the person just as much the person wears it, writing the musical score of their most intimate emotions. Your unique formula is kept in archives and always available to its owner. Unique and intended for one person only.

What's Included?

A Baccarat crystal bottle of your choice with certificate of authenticity

A travel spray containing 1/3oz of your bespoke perfume

A 1 oz (30 ml) Miron glass bottle of your bespoke perfume

How it Works?

Choose and purchase the exclusive service that appeals to you

You will be contacted by Françoise Rapp within 48 hours

Fill out the questionnaire form and set up your one-hour private consultation

You will receive three samples within five weeks

There will be time allowed for fragrance adjustments. A second consultation can be scheduled

Your finished fragrance is shipped for you to enjoy

Product Add-ons

Refill available (1oz)

Refill olfactory adjustment available upon demand

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Don’t forget the small print

Françoise Rapp bespoke creations are 100 per cent natural and safe to wear. However, please be mindful that it is impossible to predict allergic reactions in individuals to a specific ingredient or ingredient combination, even when they are completely natural. Anyone can develop an allergy to any number of ingredients in food, skincare or perfume, at any time.

Please note that Françoise Rapp does everything she can to educate customers about the proper use of her products, but cannot be held accountable for unexpected reactions. You will receive detailed instructions and information alongside your bespoke fragrance and it is important to read this information carefully so you can enjoy it safely.