From simple immersion in your favorite scent, to a true alchemical work that balances your subtle energies, Françoise’s creations made with natural fragrance oils are transformative for the senses and the soul.

Each exclusive natural perfume is uniquely handcrafted, with each recipe kept
confidential and personal to you.

The service begins with a detailed questionnaire and a one-hour private conversation. After this, Françoise will create a set of three samples and post them for you to test. We allow up to two sets of tweaks to get your fragrance just right.

Our Packages

personality fragrance oils

Personality Fragrance

This exclusive natural fragrance is designed around you and your personality – your loves, passions and energy. Individuals who want to create their personal scent for a special occasion, such as for their wedding day, an anniversary or even a girls’ first fragrance, usually choose this service.

Wellness natural fragrance oils

Soul Alchemy

Soul Alchemy is high-end exclusive service, which blends the infinite power of natural essences with precious gems that mirror your innate vibration. This very particular natural perfume allows you to retrieve your soul balance and is uniquely handcrafted by Françoise for you. Each fragrance includes a hand-blown glass perfume bottle uniquely crafted, signed with a certificate of authenticity by British artist Peter Layton. He is the master of colors and his work of art is wildly inspired by the paintings of Georgia ‘O Keefe.

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