Bespoke Perfumes

From simple immersion in your favorite scent, to a true olfactory imprint that encounters your innate self, Françoise Rapp's creations are profoundly transformative for the senses and the soul.

Françoise Rapp creates one of the kind olfactory imprints for those seeking an ultimate affinity encounter with themselves. To achieve such prodige, she has a long exchange with the person in a skillfully orchestrated ritual. 

From the meeting and discover of the olfactory notes to the creative process and production of the bespoke fragrance in our creative studio, the entire flow is an exhilarating experience.

The creative full process spans between 2 to 3 months, is an enriching journey punctuated by different stages between art and science, soul to soul connection, flashes of creativity and clarity, indecisions sometimes.  The quality of time devoted by Françoise Rapp to this process is what makes each bespoke fragrance an ultimate creation. 

Each exclusive natural perfume is uniquely handcrafted and it is always available to its owner and its formula is archived. It is unique, and intended for one person and one person only. 

Ultimate Olfactory Experiences

personality fragrance oils


This exclusive natural fragrance is a self-portrait experience, and it is designed around you and your personality – your loves, passions, your likes and wants. Individuals who want to create their personal scent for a special occasion, such as for their wedding day, an anniversary or even a unique self-indulgence, usually choose this service. Your self-portrait perfume wears the person just as much the person wears it, writing the musical score of their most intimate emotions. An olfactory enchantment happens, a perfect harmony, an absolute imprint.  Each fragrance includes a Baccarat perfume bottle with a certificate of authenticity and a travel spray for nomadic perfume lovers. 

Wellness natural fragrance oils

Soul Alchemy

Soul alchemy is the ultimate luxury experience that translates the soul imprint into a sur-mesure natural fragrance with precious gems infused. Its process is unequalled. The person meets with Françoise Rapp for a 3-hour confidential conversation in a confidential place in an exclusive place Paris. Then the bespoke perfume is composed in the creative studio and the subtle infusion process can start. The infinite power of natural essences and precious gems mirror the person’s innate vibration allowing a profound soul connection. Each fragrance includes a hand-blown glass perfume bottle uniquely crafted, signed with a certificate of authenticity by British artist Peter Layton. He is the master of colors and his work of art is wildly inspired by the paintings of Georgia ‘O Keefe. 


Inside the creative studio