Live in the Harmony with the seasons : Spring

“The flowers of spring are the dreams of winter told, in the early morning, at the table of the angels. » Khalil Gibran

Now it’s time to…

To sweep away our bad clothes, to resurrect a body asleep during the long winter months and to reconnect with Nature. The new energies of the season awaken our senses. Spring is also the announcement of love and a moment of pure enchantment and pleasure.

Spring comes when nature awakens after the long cold silence of winter. At this season, the earth opens its pores, delivers the young shoots, the body stretches and unfolds. If we have been able to realize in ourselves the rooting specific to winter, to concentrate and cultivate our vital energy all inside, we can, then, like plants, flourish. At the heart of the tree the sap rises, the body recovers, a thousand shades of green dance in our eyes and nourish our liver, a very active organ in spring.

In Traditional Chinese medicine 

Spring begins when nature awakens after the long cold silence of winter. It is the first shudder which announces a whole season of blossoming, of externalization, of the rise of the sap, of the germination of plants, of flowering, of the dissemination of pollen and seeds by the Wind, a climatic element. associated with Spring… Nature comes back to life and becomes more beautiful. It is in the spring that we promote the elimination of toxins accumulated during the winter or even during the year. It is therefore interesting to note that the Liver and the Gall Bladder are the two symbolic organs of this season. The function of the Liver in Traditional Chinese Medicine is to drain and purify the blood and therefore to eliminate these. The intimate relationship with the element of Wood is logical because it is of Yang energy. During the winter, the Liver has been used a lot and it has thus accumulated the toxins and fats of the winter that must now be eliminated to regain a healthy balance. Early spring is the ideal time to detoxify the body. This period of cleansing is important in order to avoid an accumulation throughout the year of toxins not evacuated by the body. The energy of early spring also returns to the surface to restore strength to muscles and tendons, clarity to eyes and skin.

In Traditional Ayurvedic medicine 

Vasant, which means spring, is identical with flowering. For the Ayurvedic calendar, this season is between mid-March (Chaitra) and mid-May (Baisakh). Its qualities are warmth, softness, smoothness and humidity. After winter comes the thaw and melting snow creates a water spill. We must get rid of this excess Kapha (water-related energy), otherwise we become vulnerable to spring allergies and colds. This excess of Kapha can also materialize in the form of other ailments: weight gain, spring fatigue, weariness or temporary depression. To awaken new energies and balance Kapha during these periods, it is recommended to opt for a diet that favors pungent, pungent and bitter tastes. But in the meantime, Ayurvedic massage treatments with lukewarm vegetable oils are also welcome to promote the elimination of toxins and awaken vital energy.


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