Live in Harmony with the seasons : Winter

I dread winter because it is the season of comfort! – Arthur Rimbaud. While winter has an unfriendly resonance for some, this season is nonetheless a most pleasant moment of retirement, for those who know how to protect themselves naturally and effectively. It is also a fruitful wait for spring, a moment of development, a privileged time for reflection and meditation. Winter should not be seen as a time out, but as a time of active preparation for the year to come.

Now is the time to …

This is the season when you need to save yourself, take care of your natural defenses by strengthening them, slow down, save energy, meditate, pamper yourself, or, quite simply, find yourself.

In Traditional Chinese medicine The winter season is associated with the element of water and the climate corresponds to severe cold, frost, snow and ice. The organ linked with winter is the Kidney and its role is essential in traditional Chinese medicine. For our body, it is its battery or the source of all its energies. It stores and conserves Yin and Yang energies then redistributes them according to bodily needs. But in winter, we require more energy than during any other season and our reserves can be depleted if we do not follow a suitable lifestyle. During this season when Yin dominates Yang, it is advisable to follow the biorhythm of this energy, going to bed early, rising at the same time as the sun, and avoiding physical and mental exhaustion. Now is the time to choose a diet rich in warm and spicy flavors in order to properly nourish the Qi (vital energy). Why not pamper yourself, take the opportunity to do yourself good with nourishing beauty treatments and focus on moments of withdrawal or contemplative contemplation to be in perfect harmony with the serenity and silent calm of this season?

In Traditional Aurvedic medicine Shishira is one of the six seasons of Ayurvedic chronobiology. It is the cold and foggy season, located between mid-January and mid-March. This season is therefore characteristic of the Kapha and Vata doshas (the doshas correspond to the Ayurvedic energy profiles), which translate into still silence, slowness and anchoring, the meditative state. In winter, we take the opportunity to regenerate, recover from fatigue accumulated during the year, to follow the rhythm day / night have a diet rich in various cereals, spices and spicy taste to stimulate digestion, which can be slowed down in this season. Protect yourself from ailments linked to these doshas such as respiratory disorders (coughs, colds, bronchitis, etc.), joint pain, weight gain, dry skin, depression … Solutions and treatments such as inhalations, baths, sauna, massages with lukewarm oils, etc. will be your best allies in helping you get through the winter.

3 essential oils to accompany you through the winter season
Take some mindful time and practice conscious breathing with one of the following essential oil.

  1. Litsea cubeba : It is harmonizing, psychic tonic: relieves seasonal depression, calming and sedative: calms insomnia, nervousness and restlessness
  2. Thyme linalol:  It is balancing vital energy; anti-stress: nervous tonic; soothing, reassuring: calms fears and doubts, helps restore confidence and clarify the mind. It is harmonizing and anti-depressive: fight against the blues of the season
  3. Orange sweet : It is soothing: relieves anxiety and anxieties; calming and sedative: calms nervousness and restlessness; harmonizing, euphoric: brings joy of life and good humor.
  4. Chamomile Roman : it helps to soothe and calm the mind; it supports the inner work of the spirit during the season between darkness and light.



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