How to wear a natural perfume?

The olfactory difference with a so-called classic fragrance

A natural scent is very different from a classic or conventional scent which is (often) made up of a very large percentage of chemical and synthetic molecules. The use of this chemistry makes a fragrance leave a very marked trail in addition to a long lasting hold. We are unfortunately accustomed to this intensity because our sense of smell is too busy all the time. Using a natural scent after getting used to the classic scent can be surprising. It’s not the same and the approach has to be different as well.

What to expect when wearing a natural perfume?

A natural perfume has a beautiful olfactory quality, which means that you immediately feel immersed in nature. A fragrance based on rose essence takes you to a field of centifolia roses ready to be picked! The trail of a natural fragrance is not as strong. It will be necessary to get closer to you to inhale your perfume. It will be more discreet and refined. I like to say that a natural scent is a real scent for you.

How to wear a natural perfume to make the most of its olfactory quality?

I always advise my clients to spray it in small touches on the tips of the hair, in the neck and in the hollow of the chest, on each wrist. These are strategic points that make you feel it with your movements. He lives with you. A natural perfume can be sprayed on a stole or an accessory but be careful with the coloring because some essences have naturally pigments which may stain.

The secret points for it to act on your energies

I like to advise my clients to use it on specific and energetic points to balance energies, restore vitality, promote self-confidence, and much more! These points from traditional Chinese medicine revive the harmonious flow in the meridians.

Conscious breathing

Another valuable piece of advice I give to my clients is conscious breathing that I adapt to each one and according to the fragrance and the beneficial essences that compose it. In a few minutes of pranic breathing resulting from Ayurvedic medicine, the person aligns his energies thanks to the subtle and deep powers of his perfume. A natural perfume is much more than a classic perfume because it is composed only of natural essences which are active on the body and the mind. Whether used on home or at home, a natural scent helps to find harmony, reconnect with oneself and others.


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