bath and body aromatherapy oils

Public consciousness and awareness of the products we use on our skin has awoken in recent years, with many people shifting away from heavily processed chemicals, in favor of more natural aromatherapy, ecological alternatives, which are kinder to our bodies and the planet.

Françoise Rapp’s natural methods make her truly unique as a collaborator and through her expertise she is able to bring the natural, healing practices of ancient civilizations into the modern world.

Whether you’re a luxury spa or cosmetics, Françoise can help you accomplish your exclusive signature. With her background and training in aromatherapy, naturopathy, essential oils and holistic spa therapies, Françoise is also able to design home and body rituals to optimize your selected ingredients.

She prides herself on developing products which go beyond scent alone and work in harmony with your body to promote greater spiritual wellbeing, healing and balance. She understands the deeper power of smells and fragrances and how important they are for evoking a feeling or a memory and for helping you reconnect with your inner energies.

The natural wellness world is growing and we have the knowledge to help you and your brand embrace it.