Narcissus & Daffodil in Natural Perfumery

Spring flowers are messengers of renewal and you can see their beautiful shimmering colors of yellow, purple, or white brighten up gardens, meadows and the edge of the woods. These pretty spring flowers have rich, fresh and delicate fragrances. From the green floral scent of narcissus to the sweet one of daffodils and the dizzying greener one of hyacinth, Nature deploys its olfactory treasures from spring onwards. This season is synonymous with a floral olfactory explosion that delights the senses during walks and also in the gardens: lily of the valley, violet, orange blossom, honeysuckle, magnolia, gardenia, tuberose to name the better known.

In this article, I invite you to discover not only the natural fragrance of each of these three flowers but also their holistic virtues and how their voluptuous essence is extracted.

The daffodil heralds spring : the messenger

From March, the meadows are dotted with magnificent yellow flowers: daffodils. Narcissus (Narcissus spp.) or daffodils are perennial plants forming large bulbs, native to Europe and North Africa where they grow in meadows, woods and riverbanks. In fact, this pretty flower with such a shimmering color is a harbinger that spring is here. The daffodil is not only popular with gardeners; it is also one of perfumers and especially natural perfumers so much its absolute delivers a soft, sweet, particularly floral smell. Its tenacity is quite powerful, which makes it a raw material of choice for an exclusive and exceptional perfume with an original olfactory identity.

Used in perfumery, daffodil absolute brings a soft and vaporous heart note to perfumes. Its extract is also an excellent fixer, it helps to deepen the base scents. Its essence is extracted by volatile solvent and an absolute is obtained this raw material.

The daffodil is interesting because using it in a perfume promotes self-esteem; it allows you to refocus and affirm your identity in the freedom to be yourself and follow your path. Besides, when this yellow flower appears, isn’t it the first of the spring flowers that turns out to be bright yellow in color?

Narcissus: a flower with character

The narcissus appears almost at the same time as the daffodil. It comes from Central Europe, North Africa and Asia. The main producing countries are France (in Auvergne), Morocco and Egypt. Known since Antiquity for its medicinal virtues, this is why this flower has its name attached to mythology. It is a plant that illuminates the fields in Provence, from the Haut Var to the Verdon. It is very popular with perfumers and some varieties were even grown in the Grasse region. From now on, its picking is done on the plateaus of Aubrac and in Auvergne.

The perfume of the narcissus is extracted by enfleurage or by CO2 extraction. There is indeed an olfactory difference between these two types of extractions. The absolute is a viscous product with a heady, tobacco, green jasmine scent. Narcissus Absolute is mainly used in luxury perfumes, to bring volume to floral and oriental accords. You can combine it with jasmine, tuberose, and solar accords with frangipani or ylang ylang Extra. The CO2 extract is a premium and rare raw material. Its olfactory portrait is green floral with a richer and more complex facet. It is closer to the complexity of the perfume of the fresh flower because many olfactory facets are present: from a spring green to honeyed and peppery opulence, between a creamy and tobacco facet.

In aromacology, breathing its perfume allows you to find hope, to see the light at the end of the tunnel, to let joy shine.

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